Click table row with valueCollectionDatasource

HI ,
How to detect click event of table row and when click on it open new tab and pass some params to new tab


The CellClickListener interface will help you:

myTable.setClickListener("clickableColumnName", (item, columnId) -> {
    openWindow("AnotherTab", WindowManager.OpenType.NEW_TAB, ParamsMap.of("parameter", item.getInstanceName()));

Hello. What if I want a listener for a whole row?

Hi Ivan,

ordersTable.setItemClickAction(new BaseAction("whatever") {
    public void actionPerform(Component component) {
        showNotification(ordersTable.getSingleSelected() + " clicked");

  • setClickListener() for single click on a cell, that can be applied separately for each column:
ordersTable.setClickListener("date", ((item, columnId) -> {
    showNotification(item.getInstanceName() + " in " + columnId + " clicked");
ordersTable.setClickListener("amount", ((item, columnId) -> {
    showNotification(item.getInstanceName() + " in " + columnId + " clicked");
ordersTable.setClickListener("customer", ((item, columnId) -> {
    showNotification(item.getInstanceName() + " in " + columnId + " clicked");

so if i want to react on a table selections i have to add listeners to each column i have on a table or use datasource change listeners?

Another option: use DataGrid with SelectionListener.

Thanks, that’s a good option.
But it doesn’t work with an editable cell. How can I intercept a click on input field in this case?


OK, I have a solution.
Maybe will be useful for somebody:
just unwrap also a textField and add a focus listener:

    textField.unwrap(com.vaadin.ui.TextField.class).addFocusListener(event -> {
       // custom code

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