Click Event for Map Marker

I have added a geopoint to my Entity. And, i have added the Map in the Browser page of that Entity, So, i have multiple marker in the Map (because the map is connnected the browser Entity Data Container), So, when i click the Marker, I want to navigate to the Editor page of the Entity.
Please guide me how to navigate to the Editor page of the Entity, When i click the Marker in on the Map.

Hi, @Narayanan

You can subscribe to the VectorLayer.GeoObjectSelectedEvent which is fired when you click on a geo-object on the map.

You can implement this in a screen controller this way:

    @Subscribe("map.layer") //map - id of the GeoMap component, layer - id of the vector layer
    private void onGeoObjectSelected(VectorLayer.GeoObjectSelectedEvent<YourEntity> event) {
        screenBuilders.editor(YourEntity.class, this)

Make sure to set this vector layer as selected layer of the map (in order to receive click events).
It can be done in the xml-descriptor:

<maps:geoMap id="map">
            <maps:layers selectedLayer="yourLayer">
               <maps:vector id="yourLayer" dataContainer="..."/>