CLI change app properties

The only purpose I wanted to use “cuba-CLI” for was instead of my script

#!/usr/bin/env bash
sed -i -e 's/8082/8081/g' ./build.gradle #HTTP port 8080 default
sed -i -e 's/8007/8006/g' ./build.gradle #Shutdown port 8005 default
sed -i -e 's/8789/8788/g' ./build.gradle #Debug port 8787 default
sed -i -e 's/8011/8010/g' ./build.gradle #AJP port 8009 default

sed -i -e 's/callbook_v7_develop/callbook_v7/g' ./build.gradle #database

But cuba-CLI is unable to execute things like
set HTTP_port=8081 db_name=callbook_v7
Am I right?
Also a question: It’s written

 run      Starts or restarts the application
      Usage: run [options]

but how do I find out WHAT are these options? (help run doesn’t work, parameters run either. Also it’s quite not obvious to which commands I can apply parameters command and how do I know available [options] of a command)