CLI 2.0 is released!


Recently, we have released a new version of CLI - 2.0.3, which brings platform 7.0 support along with new features:

1. Gradle integration

Now you can start Gradle commands right from CLI:

cuba>gradle assemble

Build your project using shortcut command build and restart the application using run.

Or you just start your favorite abbreviated command:

cuba>gradle sTo

> Task :setupTomcat 

2. CUBA Studio 7 integration for 6.10 and 7.0 versions

With new idea command you can quickly switch to Intellij IDEA:

cuba> idea

This feature is available with CUBA Studio 7 BETA.3.

3. Bintray repository support

When you create an application CLI will ask you which Maven repository you want to use:

? Repository to be used in project. (1) > 

Default setup now includes distributed and highly available JCenter and cuba-platform Bintray repositories.

4. WAR / UberJAR deployment tasks

CLI 2.0 provides new deployment commands: create-task war and create-task uberjar:

cuba>create-task war
? Application home directory (app_home) > 
? Include JDBC driver?  (y/n) > y
? Include Tomcat's context.xml?  (y/n) > y
? Generate custom context.xml?  (y/n) > y

5. Hover theme extension

Both halo and hover can be extended using extend-theme command.

6. Ability to change modules prefix

You can change modules prefix after project creation with change-modules-prefix command.

Download 2.0.3 from Bintray or install via SDK MAN / Homebrew.