CLI 1.0.2 with new addons


Recently, we have published a new version of CLI - 1.0.2, which brings improved plugins infrastructure along with bug fixes.

We are glad to present to you 3 new plugins for CLI:

  • ide-opener - adds idea command, allowing developers to open a project in IntelliJ IDEA. See README.
  • bintray-publisher - provides bintray command, that helps developers configure a CUBA Platform add-on project for publishing to Bintray. See README.
  • plugin-generator - adds create-plugin command, that creates a project for new CUBA CLI plugin. See README.

You can find all plugins for CLI using #cuba-cli tag on Github.

This update helps our community to publish add-ons for the platform and create plugins for CLI itself. You can read more about custom plugins for CLI in Github wiki.

Looking forward to your CLI plugins!

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