Clearing temp directory

There is a problem with the hard disk being full. We discovered that a large number of files are saved in the “temp” folder of the main application directory and remain there as a dead weight. Apparently, these files were generated when generating archives for downloading using ExportDisplay.
Tell me if I understand correctly that when you call (), the prepared file is first saved in this folder? And how is this folder cleared? Now is the time that several gigabytes may appear there in a minute.

Has anyone figured out how to do this ?
That is how to clear files generated by the ExportDisplay method ?


Answered in your separate topic.


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As far as I understand, the original topic is about accumulating temporary files on the server.
This issue has been fixed recently, see Temporary file not deleted after stream was closed · Issue #412 · jmix-framework/jmix · GitHub. The fix will be available in v.1.3.0.

Thanks. That answered my question

Hi Konstantin,

Do we plan to retrofit this fix to CUBA 7.2.21?


Hi CK,
The issue doesn’t look critical and there is a workaround - just a regular cleanup job.
So we don’t have a plan to backport it.