Clean Up Database After Disabling Premium Add-ons

When I initially received my premium license, I enabled all of the premium add-ons. However, due to project limitations we will not be including that functionality with our initial release. I’ve gone into my workspace and disabled all of the add-ons except for FTS, however the tables still remain in my database. I tried generating DB scripts in studio but nothing new was created.

Is there anyway to clean up the unused database tables after disabling premium add-ons? If there’s no built in way to do it, can someone provide some guidance as to which tables are safe to delete, please?

Hi, @amandaros

we suggest that you clean up your database manually, No feature will be implemented for this purpose.


Hi @tsarev,
I understand that CUBA does not provide a mechanism to clean up the database. Can you provide guidance as to which tables are only used by each of the premium add-ons so that I know which ones are safe to manually drop, please?

Sure. Tables have specific prefixes corresponding to the addon namespace:

  • BPM: BPM_ and ACT_
  • Reporting: REPORT_

Charts and FTS addons have no tables.

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Thank you so much!

@knstvk & @tsarev,
What about the tables in the ACT_ namespace?

I spun up a sample project for CubaTrees in FoldersPane Not Keyboard Accessible which had no premium add-ons, and I notice that it has none of the ACT_ tables. What purpose do they serve? Are they only used by add-ons?

These table also can be safely removed - they are related to the bpm module.


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