Chrome - create screen reloads on tab change

Some of our users experiencing a different tab behavior on chrome, in comparison to firefox.

Whenever they create a new entity in one tab, and create another entity in another tab, and change back to the tab before, the tab reloads and all input is gone.

The issue can be reproduced in Chrome (Version 74.0.3729.131). Steps I took to reproduce the problem in chrome:

  1. I opened a single create screen and did some input without saving
  2. I opened a second create screen and did some input without saving, again
  3. When I switched back to the first tab (/ first create screen) the tabs reloads, and all changes are gone

I’m using CUBA Platform 7.0.5.

Disabling the tabs and using the single window mode prevents data loss.

We can work like this, but I would appreciate a bugfix for this.

Hello @jw90

The problem was reported before: GitHub.

Will be fixed soon.


Hi Daniil,

thank you very much for your reply.
I haven’t seen that. Sorry, that I reported a duplicate.

Kind regards,