Check if component has dependencies and include them also

Now I have tried to create a project which uses several components.

I have created a project with the following structure:
Product Component depends on Store component.
Then I have created Customers component.
Then I have created a Order project with lines which depends on Product Component.
When I add Product to Order line i can see Product name and price from Product entity but in can’t get the name of Store.
If I open the view in Product Component I can see the Store name in view.

Why can’t I get Store name, nor use Enities from the component which is added to a component which I use in a Project.

I discovered that when I added the Component which the Product had dependencies to the project the Store name showed up in the view for Product.

Could there be an idea to look for dependencies when the component is added to project?

Studio 6.4 will support transitive dependencies.

:ticket: See the following issue in our bug tracker: