"Check for Updates" option in Cuba Studio. Does it work?

I currently have Cuba Studio installed.
When I go to Help / About, it displays Build #CS-192.7142.130 built on Feb 27, 2020
When I select “Check For updates”, it says that I have the latest version of Studio and plugins installed.

Why am I getting this message if there is truly a later version of Cuba Studio which is Build #CS-192.7142.131 ?


CUBA Studio is composed of two parts:

  • IDE bundle based on IntelliJ platform (latest version 2019.2)
  • CUBA plugin (latest version is 13.1).

Within the same IDE bundle you can update CUBA plugin and keep Studio functionality up-to-date: 13.0 -> 13.1 -> 13.2 -> …

Help -> About displays build date of the bundle.

On the CUBA -> Welcome screen you can see information about all three components of the build tool stack: IDE, Studio plugin and CUBA platform versions.