Check controller id exists


I need to ckeck if a controller ID exists in my CUBA app via a JMX bean.

Controllers are defined in upper layer (client layer). I don’t see anything related in the doc. Is it possible, how ?

JMX beans can be defined on the client tier too - just place them in the web module.
But I don’t really understand what you mean by “to check if a controller ID exists”…

Our users define permissions in a Google Sheet. We need to implement a service which use this GS to write permissions. We have to check if controller ID exists and report errors.

  • Create a bean in the web module
  • Inject WindowConfig bean into it
  • Use WindowConfig.hasWindow() method to check if a controller ID exists

WindowConfig is not deprecated ?

Why do you think it is deprecated?

The only reference i’ve found in documentation is in " GUI Legacy API" part.

Don’t worry, this class is used in both legacy and modern API.
Notice that it has no @Deprecated annotation in the source code and IDE doesn’t strike it through when you inject it in your code.

OK, thank you for your help. :slight_smile: