Charts very complicated to implement

Hi, we are going to implement for example PIE chart, with sum of IMPORTS foear each status of the OFFER

15000 euros on NEW, 1000 on accepted etc…

This information is on table presupuestos.

But, after add in my new Home Screen a Pie Chart, i can select a colletion Datasource, but i cannot assign values directly from designer.

Same problem in other chart types. Please, can you add the values in Properties, and then we can assign values to each disponible value? For example X axis and Y Axis (very simple), but today very complicated to put values from code directly.

And then, if any User would like to experiment in more advanced chart, they can put code in XML / Controller .

And, if your answer is not possible (Today), please, can you make more examples, or tutorials? At available today examples, is not getting datasource, it’s creating values directly.


Hello, Ivan.

For now CUBA Studio has a limited support of charts and the only way to configure any chart is XML and/or Controller. You can see examples of using charts in our Sampler app. Most of the examples use Datasource. For example a pie chart sample.

You can read about possible ways to pass data to charts with examples in the documentation.

Regards, Gleb.

And its possible to enhance in future?

Sure, we have plans to add charts support in CUBA Studio, but unfortunately, I don’t have an information when it will be done.