Charts-AddOn Gantt: random brightness

Hello folks!

I have a problem with CUBA-Charts-AddOn.
As you can see i the picture below, I’m using a GanttChart. I’ve set the Color-Property at the *.xml-Screen-Controller for each segment: (colorField=“segment.color” brightnessStep=“1”)
Basically that works fine. But now I recognized, that there are different brightnesses in the same chart.
All the blue fields shout be shown in hex-Code #2acbff, but some of them are brighter or darker.

Does anybody have an idea, how to show th same color in every segment?

Thanks a lot!

Best regards


I’ve tried your hex-code with brightnessStep="1" and get almost the same color in each segment:

You can set brightnessStep="0" and check that brightnessStep value is not overridden somewhere in the code.
Also, XML descriptor can be hot-deployed with old values, try to remove build/app_home/my_app/conf folder.

Thank you very much!

I have removed the whole build-Folder and not it works correctly.

Best wishes!