Chart: Layered Column chart

Can we create Layered Column Chart as it is available in AmCharts?




Sure, you can create any chart shown in AmCharts demo page. Live samples in the Sampler app correspond to AmChart demos.


Hi Gleb
The live sample link you have provided looks like related to the sample of 3D Stacked chart at AmChart here [url=][/url]. However, I am looking for something like here Layered Column Chart - amCharts

The code of those two charts looks very much similar, could you please let me where is the difference that makes the view different where both of them are serial chart!!

Oh… I have found the trick…
I have to use this code if I want to have Layered Column chart


Like this:

 }, {
        "balloonText": "GDP grow in &#91;&#91;category&#93;&#93; (2005): <b>&#91;&#91;value&#93;&#93;</b>",
        "fillAlphas": 0.9,
        "lineAlpha": 0.2,
        "title": "2005",
        "type": "column",
        "valueField": "year2005"