Character-backed Enum fields

I would like to use Character, as opposed to String or Integer, as a backing field for enums. This keeps the database somewhat legible, while saving space. (A character can be more descriptive and take up less space than an integer, much less than a string.)

I tried defining the enum like this (really, nothing more than replacing String with Character and double quotes with single quotes):

public enum Axis implements EnumClass<Character> {

    private Character id;

    Axis(Character value) { = value; }

    public Character getId() { return id; }

    public static Axis fromId(Character id) {
        for (Axis at : Axis.values()) if (at.getId().equals(id)) return at;
        return null;

and the entity field like this:

    @Column(name = "AXIS", nullable = false)
    private Character axis;

    public Axis getAxis() { return axis == null ? null : Axis.fromId(axis); }

    public void setAxis(Axis axis) { this.axis = axis == null ? null : axis.getId(); }

But when I try to use the Designer pane for the entity I get the following error:

Entity commit error. See log for details.

(no indication of where to find the log)

Is this not supported, as I fear? Could you add support for it?

Thank you for the idea, we’ll consider it. Created issue.

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