Changing .v-window-header for single screen


is there a way to set the .v-window-header for a single screen?
We use Helium and version 7.2x…

For abstractWindow we could reach the vaadin components via unwrap.
But for a screen we could not find out how to do it.



On the screen, you can call the getWindow() method. The Window contains components from the screen and its actual type (TabWindow, DialogWindow, etc) depends on OpenMode.

For instance:

public void onInit(InitEvent event) {
    // sets style to the layout
            layout -> layout.addStyleName("my-layout"));

    // sets style to the composition
    if (getWindow() instanceof WebDialogWindow) {
        ((WebDialogWindow) getWindow()).getComposition().addStyleName("my-composition");
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thx a lot!