changing a table column editable

I am trying to set a composite table column editable programmatically which is triggered by user action as follows:


But it is not working! Note that the table is already set editable and some columns of the table are already editable and they are working. I have set them editable in xml. However, for the “price” column, i need to turn on and off editable programmatically.
Thanks for your guidance.


a problem here is that our documentation doesn’t have an important fact - changing “editable” property in runtime is not supported. You can find a log message about it in the app.log file.

I’ve created an issue to fix a documentation.

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Hi Danil
Is there any possibility that it will support in future, can this be planned in road map?

Yes, it will be supported in the future. You can track an issue about it: YouTrack.


is this already implemented?
I am using the version 7.2.x…

It does not change anything…

Using a generator, it works…


Hello Roland,

the feature is not implemented. We don’t have specific plans when it will be supported. The issue now is placed here: cuba-platform/cuba#488