Change username

I was auto imported and a new username was auto generated. How do I change my username?

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Can I have my username changed to IanE like it was before. Thanks!

Sorry for inconvenience, @IanE

It caused by the forum migration. Now you need to relogin to avoid navigation problems. Thank you for the message!

Best regards,

Hi @rabkesov

I don’t remember setting my username to what it is currently it may have been changed too. Is there a way I can change mine. It isn’t great to be called services which is the email address my account is linked to.

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Hi John! @services

I temporary allow to change username in your profile. Be aware, you will lose your previous @mentions. Also there are some restricted usernames, for instance cuba, admin etc :slight_smile:.

@rabkesov Thanks. I have changed my name now.

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