Change Tab through clicking on row

Hi everybody,

I want to ask, how I can double-click on a row of my entity browser and switch into another tab?
Does anyone have an hint for me?

Thanks a lot…


Do you want to open an entity editor in a new tab instead of this tab?

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Hi @gorelov,

I want to change to another entity tab.
For example I have an customer browser, show all customers. When I double click on row, it shall change the tab to the referenced car entity editor. So customer have a reference to car, and if I click on a row in customer browser, it shall change to the car editor of this reference.


You can add ItemClickAction to the table and open the edit screen for a related entity, for example:

ordersTable.setItemClickAction(new BaseAction("itemClickAction") {
    public void actionPerform(Component component) {
        Order selected = ordersTable.getSingleSelected();
        if (selected != null) {
            openEditor(selected.getCustomer(), WindowManager.OpenType.NEW_TAB);