Change Password button disabled


How to enable “Change Password” button for a specific role? This button is only enabled for Administrators:


Hi Alexandre,

Normally, this button is always enabled for all users, so they could always change their passwords themselves, regardless their roles. Could you please share a sample project to reproduce the issue?

Before sharing the whole project, or creating a simplified one, let me ask in a different way.

Is there a way to disable “Change Password” button using Access Groups or Roles?

To disable this button, you can create, for example, a Standard role, and on the UI tab of the role editor make the changePasswordBtn component of Settings (settings) screen read-only.

When integrating with LDAP the change password button will automatically disabled.

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I found the problem. The option is only available if you are logged as the user. That is, this button is correctly disabled if you are logged as substituted user.