Change in Print Area behaviour after upgrade to 7.2.19

I was using 7.2.11 with reporting addon to generate XLSX reports and output as PDF. I specified the Print Area to highlight the columns and rows I wanted in a page. This worked fine.

But when I upgraded to 7.2.19, the reporting addon now generates the PDF but the rows are truncated, and only seem to show the number of rows of data that “fit” within the pre-defined Print Area in the XLSX. If I clear the PrintArea, then all the rows will be shown in PDF.

Is this a bug or expected behaviour ?

I have hundreds of reports which are affected.

After checking the YARG code changes, it seems in 7.2.11, the YARG library now copies all the Name Manager regions from the template into the output report and then remove the Report Band regions. This means that the “Print Area” and “Print Title” is copied to the output. The Print Area region is not expanded to cover the report data rows, just copied over. Consequently, the Print Area is too small in the report output and this affected the PDF output.

Can the YARG library auto expand the Print Area or not copy over the Print Area to the output report ?

Hi @cklee,

could you please explain what is the purpose of using ‘Print Area’ in your XLSX templates?
It seems that in Cuba 7.2.11 it just ignored at all and does not present in output report (in case of using XLSX output format), so it should not affect result report at this version.

Highly likely, the changes that affect you were made by issue and included in YARG 2.2.11, which comes with Cuba 7.2.19.

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The Print Area is an Excel feature to define the area (range of cells) to include in a print out (or conversion to PDF). In our original templates we thought that we wanted to ensure that the PDF has all the columns to fit within a page (rather than split the columns into different pages, etc). But in hindsight, it seems that the XLSXFormatter did not even copy this setting from the template to the report output. So it had no effect before 7.2.11. But in 7.2.11, to fix the issue on the Print Titles not being copied from the template to the report output (which was repeated by me), the code now copies the Print Titles and Print Area from the template to the report output. As a side effect, this “Print Area” setting now limits the number of cells being “printed” and converted to PDF. We had to customize the 2.2.16 YARG library to REMOVE the “Print Area” configuration from the report output.



Am I right that you already customized the YARG library to avoid copying of “Print Area” regions from template to target report?
Anyway, we’ve created an issue to investigate that.


Yes we created an internal version of the library to fix this. If you have a better or correct way to handle this issue, then we are keen to look at it.