Change default halo icons

I’m trying to change the default icons used in halo, I found a properties file called, but I do not know where I should place it in my project to make the changes I require.
If it is correct to change it this way?

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Did you try to follow instructions in the Creating a Custom Theme section?

Yes, the difference is that I do not want to use Font Awesome if I do not own icons. The only touch that I want to do is to change the icons.


you can change default icons to PNG versions one by one:

  1. Create theme extension using Studio

  2. Create file in your project package inside web module

  3. Set cuba.themeConfig property in

cuba.themeConfig = /com/company/customicons/
  1. In your file you can set concrete icon key to null:

  1. Then you can add your custom create.png icon to web/themes/halo/icons

Or you can disable font icons completely using WebConfig property in

cuba.web.useFontIcons = false

Also you can change default icons for standard actions: Create / Edit / Remove / etc. Default icons for standard actions are defined in file. Set custom icons in your


Where exactly do you need to store the file and how to configure? Tried several locations/configurations but could not get it to work.

So mainly steps 2 and 3 are not clear to me.

For step 2: go to web module src in your IDE and create file in your package, in my example it is

In step 3 you should use path of your in the cuba.themeConfig value. In my example it is /com/company/customicons/.

Thanks Yuriy, after some trial-and-error I got it to work.

Now I am configuring some icons but not able to do all of them., see below.

# These work ok

# These do not work

I have tried to find more information on what names for the actions to be used but couldn’t find anything. Do you have such information available?

See my answer in your new topic: