Change cuba.webAppUr from default value `http://localhost:8080/app` to http://localhost:8080/myapplicationname

Hi Team ,

Currently , I’m trying to change my application url to another value , like the one done on the sampler application

I can see that the Modules names is changes from to sampler.sampler-core where sampler is the application

Also inside connection list urls is changed to redirect to the new url


and web url to localhost:8080/sampler

and inside also the values changed for both the context and web url

I go through all previous steps to change the modules names to

change all values inside the and

and was expecting to have my application running with the new url ,
but it is still the same also with having run time exception that application can’t find iniit db scripts

can you please guide me How to make it work ?


Hello @abd.ibrahim.allam

You should also change application module prefix. Open project properties in Studio and update corresponding field:



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