Change component size inside filter component


Version 6.7 has “tiny” predefined style name, which works for other components, but couldn’t figure out how to make it work for filter component. The screen has a default filter available for all users with many textfields and lookupfields in it and I want to reduce it’s subcomponents sizes.


Any suggestions on this?

you can try to do the following:

  1. Assign a stylename to the filter component, like this:
<filter id="filter"
       <properties include=".*"/>
  1. Extend the UI theme:
  2. In the halo-ext.scss specify required styles for components that are inside the filter with the stylename specified at step 1:
@mixin com_company_tinyfilter-halo-ext {
    .my-tiny-filter {
        .v-textfield {
            color: blue;

I understand. But is there a reason why some components do not support styling? Eg. a table with SMALL_TABLE predefined style has no effect.

Could you please open a new topic with this problem and share a code example?