CellClick event of the table control

The setcellclicklistener of the table control will only be triggered when the user clicks on the text of the node. The icon before the text or other blank areas of the node will not be triggered. This design is not useful. If this event has to be triggered in this way, it is recommended to add a nodeclick event for more common occasions.


The described behavior is by design. As JavDoc says:

… cell value will be wrapped in span with cuba-table-clickable-cell style name.
You can use .cuba-table-clickable-cell for CSS rules to specify custom representation of cell value.

For instance, you can style value as a link or a button, so in this case, you want only the value to be clickable.


I want to click the entire node to trigger this event (not just on the text). How to set it?

Unfortunately, there is no such functionality.

It is recommended to add a more applicable nodeclick event

Created a GitHub issue: Add ability to handle clicks on whole table cell · Issue #2577 · cuba-platform/cuba · GitHub.