Caption in screens designed from scratch

Hello, in the screens designed from scratch when I change the title that has to leave the tab (caption) in one of them, if I accept and repeat the operation with another screen and put a different caption does not keep it, it still has the caption From the previous screen. What can be my mistake?
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Probably you create screens in the same package, so they have a common file. The message key is also the same so the screens share the same caption.

Sorry Konstantin but I do not understand, should I create a different package for each screen you create ?, attached screenshot, below the screen item is where I create all my own screens, what should I change here so that each one has its own caption? .
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You can either create screens in separate packages or use different keys for screen captions (it is caption by default) - see Caption field on the screen properties tab.

Thanks Konstantin, it has become clear to me