Can't start IDE. It's say Connection Refused

When I try to start IDE on Studio, shows:

[15:32:37.277] Ready[15:32:40.229] Creating/updating IDEA project files:ideaModule:ideaProject:ideaWorkspace:idea:app-core:ideaModule:app-core:idea:app-global:ideaModule:app-global:idea:app-gui:ideaModule:app-gui:idea:app-web:bindVaadinThemes:app-web:ideaModule:app-web:ideaBUILD SUCCESSFULTotal time: 2.23 secs[15:32:45.492] IDE integration: Connection refused

Studio cannot start your IDE. It can only connect to an already running IDE and make it open your project and particular file.

Please run the IDE and install CUBA plugin as described here.

Thank you, Konstantin!!!
Sorry by my mistake! Now working fine!!!

how can i deploy my application on tomcat

show this error " connection refused connect " at time of login in my appliction.
plz give me a solution

Please tell us what did you do step-by-step and where do you see this error.

i deploy application on apache tomcat server, & i generate app.war & app-core.war file.
but it not working plz help

please tell steps of how to deploy application on tomcat. my operating system is windows 8
i want to run my application without start the studio

Probably you use HSQL database for your application. It is served by Studio by default.

I would recommend swithing to a standalone DBMS like Postgres:

  • Set up the DBMS

  • Change database type for your project in Project properties

  • Generate DB scripts again for your new database

how can i set up the new database