Can't see the screens

I found strange behavior with sources control , I have two laptops(Work/Home) , i started a project on work Lap the DB was in Docker container , then I pushed everything in the my Git repo .

on the second lap I got the source code and start working in creating screens for all entities ,again I committed the changed to the remote repo , all the cases exist but only I can see from the web the administration section.

I tried to delete the existing screens and created again I can see it now ? Is this a bug or the screen configuration stored in different place .
I checked the .gitignore , I don’t know if this configuration stored in one of the below or not .





As I understand, the Main Menu on the other development machine is empty, not containing your screens.

No doubt that you have differences in your project files.
Menu structure is defined in the following files, I present example what they contain in the sample-sales project:

  1. web-menu.xml in the web module.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>
<menu-config xmlns="">
    <menu id="application-sales"
        <item screen="sales_Product.browse"/>
        <item screen="sales_Customer.browse"/>
        <item screen="sales_Order.browse"/>

In this file all your application’s screens should be mentioned.

  1. in the web module.
    There should be a line:
cuba.menuConfig = +com/company/sales/web-menu.xml

That says: append web menu defined in the current project to the one inherited from CUBA and application components.

You can take a look on these files and find the difference.

You can also try to clean the project, just in case. Execute in terminal:

gradlew clean undeploy