Can't see logs in the web UI

In testing server (outside studio) the logging system works as defined in logback.xml but when I want to see the in the UI (menu option: Server Log), the lookup field is empty. I can see the logs in the file system but no in the website.

I’m running Tomcat8 on Ubuntu server 16.04

Screenshot from 2017-08-10 15-02-33

How did you deploy the application on your server? Using WAR?
Path to the directory where the platform searches log-files is defined by the cuba.logDir application property.
Maybe you need to adjust it in (in tomcat/conf).

Yes, I deployed it using a WAR. In, the path was set to webapps/logs. So I created a symlink to /var/log/tomcat8 (standard dir for logs if you install tomcat8 through ubuntu package) and now I see them.

Thanks !