Can't see any browse screens for entities when adding report parameter

Hello. Is there a reason for the reports engine not to see the browser screens for the selected entity?
I created a report
And it works fine. I created another but it doesn’t show me my entity browse screen
What to debug to find a problem, or is it expected behavior?


Please clarify, you created another entity or parameter?


no, only new report. is it somehow related to my datamodel? cos i cannot create no new reports for this particular entity. i have to copy existing reports or add screeen manually to a report json file (and double zip it back)

Few questions:

  1. Do you mean that you are able to create only single report for an entity?

  2. Is it reproduced only for specific entity or for all entities?

i tried to delete all reports and cant see browse screens for this one specific entity. where to search for a problem?

Does a browser screen for your entity contain correct datasource? What value return an invocation of metadata.getClass(yourEntity)?

It will be nice if you share some test project where the problem can be reproduced.