Cant Run Project. Gradle sloow

Put the latest update today. I want to debug my small application. Gradle is taking forever. Its over 2 minutes to build. its been 5 minutes still waiting for something to happen.

Starting the server…
Connected to the target VM, address: ‘localhost:8787’, transport: ‘socket’

first time this has happened… I cant run my application at all… I don’t recall making any big changes over the weekend. I’m dead in the water here.

thought of doing new project

2 min wait … nothing.

more than 4 min… for this to go away is that normal? I’m using Intellij Ultimate is it a plugin issue? My patience disappeared when I tried to run a new project… after waiting 3 minutes.

seems like its back to normal. Any Ideas why this can suddenly become so slow?

internet speed or dependencies servers?