Cant reprensentate entices in front modules

Hello everyone.
Can’t display menu items on the front modules. Tried everything. I read to the docs, I did everything the same, unsuccessfully. Can anyone help? Can provide configs

For CUBA UI, have a look at /modules/web/src/com/company/pm/web-menu.xml You should be able to add menu items manually if needed:

<menu-config xmlns="">
    <menu id="application-pm" insertBefore="bproc" caption="mainMsg://menu_config.application-pm">
        <item screen="pm_Project.browse" caption="mainMsg://menu_config.pm_Project.browse"/>
        <item screen="pm_Task.browse" caption="mainMsg://menu_config.pm_Task.browse"/>

For the frontend, you need to set up routes as described in the documentation

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