can't login Cuba Desktop app

Hello, I’m able to bring up the desktop client but when I click on Submit to login, I get the following error message:" cause did not receive successful HTTP response. Status code=404, status message=[Not found]

Have you started your application server?
If so, please attach the desktop client log ~.haulmont\cuba\logs\app.log and appserver log tomcat\logs\app.log

Yes I have started the application server. Unfortunately, there’s no \cuba\logs folder.

Here’s a log file I was able to find.

localhost_access_log.2016-04-21.txt (14.7K)

I guess that you have changed “Modules prefix” to flux (i.e. your web applications have flux and flux-core names).
Am I right?


Change cuba.connectionUrlList argument in modules\desktop\webstart\template.jnlp:

<application-desc main-class="">

Then Run > Deploy desktop WebStart
We will fix the issue in the next Studio version.