Can't load addons list in marketplace

Hi Team,

Some developers (from chinese forum) reported that the studio can’t load the addons list in marketplace.
Following is a framgent of an idea log :


Studio version: 11


The marketplace web service is hosted on the domain.
So affected users should also notice that main english site is also unavailable.

I guess it may be one of two problems:

  • SSL problems (wrong time on the computer, old OS, missing root certificates)
  • or it’s a bad influence of the Chinese firewall.

I suggest to check first how SSL connection to works.
It can be done on Linux machine with these tools:

$ curl -v

$ openssl s_client -showcerts -connect

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Hi Alex,

Another developer from chinese forum has the same problem with @hanbing.yin .

So i think most likely the issue caused by GFW, and it’s why we deployed the chinese website to server located in HongKong .

Having “few add-ons” may just mean that developer is using CUBA 7.1 BETA in his project. This upcoming version doesn’t have many compatible add-ons in the marketplace yet.