Can't find range class 'java.lang.String' for property

Hi Team ,

Currently i was following steps on Refactoring Post

to rename our current package to new naming ,

after finishing and building the application is building successfully without any error ,

But while running the application i’m getting

Can't find range class 'java.lang.String' for property while running project on debug mode i figured that
MetaClass rangeClass = session.getClass(this.rangeClass); is returning null
even if i set rangeClass for any other type like Integer

I passed through this post for checking web.xml on both core and web for appComponents and both are identical

    <param-value>com.haulmont.cuba com.haulmont.charts

hope you help me for the reason .



No doubt that you have some unusual data model in your project, because session.getClass(xxx) is usually called for entities, not primitive classes.

It is impossible to determine the cause of the problem from the data you’ve presented.

You can share a small demo project where the problem is reproduced.
Or you can debug that place in the code where the exception is thrown and extract the piece of entity declaration that isn’t processed for some reason as it should and post it here.