Can't enable free trial

I can’t use the free trial
“Your trial license for CUBA Studio Premium was already requested and expired”
I don’t remember using it and I’ve never installed CUBA before

Again, CUBA is considered a legacy product and we don’t provide trial licenses for it anymore. Please use Jmix Studio instead: Get Started - Jmix

I had an opportunity to get my first job using CUBA, if I were able to practice a little bit maybe I could’ve done something. Thank’s for nothing hope you enjoy your non free programming, so fun.

Dear Salvador, why won’t you use the Jmix studio as CUBA Platform’s successor?

  1. We provide free resources for the developers, such as Tutorials and documentation
  2. We provide free versions of Jmix to the junior developers and recently with Jmix 2.2 introduced free studio functionality as well.
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Because it’s not that good of a framework, I just had a job opportunity in witch that company uses the old CUBA (no jmix).