can't create hierarchicalDatasource

I am using platform-6.0.8, when I tried to create hierarchicalDatasource for screen, it doesn’t let me select or enter hierarchical property,
structure of table is myHierachyTable(name varchar(55),parent varchar(55)). when I enter hierarchical property value as parent and change focus value become empty

The “parent” attribute must be an association, and its type must be a “myHierachyTable”.

does that mean myHierachyTable(name varchar(25), parent ASSOCIATION ref myHierachyTable)) ??

  1. in tree I will have root element which doesnt have parent so reference will be null and I was getting Exception because of that
  2. how do I set reference the create screen doesn’t show option of selecting ref
  1. If the item has no parent, the parent reference is null. You have to handle these cases.
  2. You have 2 options:
  • add a field for selecting a parent to your entity editor.
  • pass the parent value to the editor in Create action as described here