Can't add new series to serialchart with template editor - platform v7.0.3

I have a serialchart and I am trying to add a second series to it. I added the data to my SQL and then tried to create a second series in the Template editor. Here is a screenshot:


When I click OK, I get “Alert - please specify Type for Series”. It sure looks like I have a type of “Smoothed Line” set?

To add more info for you, I debugged into validateChart in class ChartEditFrame:


Series 0 is my original series that works. Series 1 is the new series (with the same data entered as the first screenshot).

As you can see, the data for the new series is all null (name, type, etc.). It seems the screen is not populating the fields? I will keep digging…


It’s a knows issue and will be fixed in the very next bug fix release 7.0.4.