Cannot edit filters stored as Search Folders

We ran into an issue where non administrative users could not make edits to their own filters that they have saved as Search Folders. They can however, edit their own filters that are not Search Folders.

I did a little digging and it appears as though when you open a folder the application is building a new instance of FilterEntity in the FoldersBean.class. This FilterEntity is given the XML stored in the folder but the User is not set even though the schema for the Search Folders does contain user information. Because the User is not set on this FilterEntity instance the FilterDelegateImpl class is flagging the filter as Global = true.

Since our non admin users do not have permissions to edit global filters they cannot edit the filters opened from Search Folders, even if the original filter was created by them and is not global. I feel that since Search Folders are controlled by the user they should be able to edit them as their own without needing permission to edit all other global filters. Obviously if the Search Folder is shared globally then the Global = true would make sense and the existing logic would apply, but it is currently being applied to non shared Search Folders as well.

Thank you,
Corey Amoruso

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Please, update platform version to the latest. There are specific roles with permissions to create and edit Filters and Search Folders.
To configure permission, please, open menu item Administration -> Users and add a role system-filter (to create or edit Filters) or system-search-folders (to create or edit Search Folders)