Cannot create a Composition attribute linked to User [sec$User]

Why Cuba Studio doesn’t allow to create a Composition attribute linked to User [sec$User] system entity?

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In fact it does, but you should first select COMPOSITION, then ONE_TO_ONE, and after that you will be able to find User (as well as other entities from app components) in the Type field.

We’ll think how to make this more apparent.

When I select COMPOSITION, cardinality automatically sets to ONE_TO_MANY and disabled.
I have Cuba Studio Server 6.6.0

Thanks Konstantin. Had the same issue and the workaround succeeds for me.

Hi Evgeny - not sure why cardinality is still disabled. I am using Studio 6.6.1. I changed from ASSOCIATION to COMPOSITION, then set ONE_TO_ONE in cardinality, before setting the Type to User.

:ticket: See the following issue in our bug tracker: