Can you import an existing database schema?

I have a fairly large and complex database that I would like to port to the CUBA Platform. Is there a way to import the schema or attach to an existing database rather than re-define each property using the Studio? If not, is it in your development plan? When will it be available?

Hi Richard,

Currently this feature is not available, but we are going to introduce this functionality shortly with the next release, which is dated to the end of March.


Excellent news! Thanks. This will simplify our migration significantly.

Hi Aleksey,

do you know when the new version will be available ?

BR - Matthias

Hello, Matthias,
Actually we have just released the migration tool in Studio 2.1.
There are some details on it in the ‘What’s new’ blog post.

The free version of Studio will convert any 10 entities (tables) of your choice. You can use it for testing. The commercial version can convert the full database.

Just in case - we have changed the license policy with the new release, which is explained here.