Can you create mobile apps with CUBA or just web?

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Yesterday I started with CUBA but there is a section that has not been entirely clear to me. With CUBA studio can apps be developed for mobile devices, be they tables or smartphones, android and iOS? Or are they simply web applications?

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Use search button :slight_smile:


Yes, but what I mean is the following. Is there a section where I can emulate the app as if it were on a cell phone? Can I generate the .apk files somewhere?

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Studio provides an ability to create Generic UI and Polymer UI. Both are web applications but you can wrap Polymer UI to native application using Cordova. Here is the webinar about this:


Okay, but, how I can test my app in the mobile?

I want to see how generate .apk to test my app.


Just use another mobile development framework.

For the best performance your mobile app I suggest to use REST API for cuba. Just get Auth token and move forward with any entity