Can WebDAV Addon be used with Fillable PDF file (fillable form)?

I am just getting into WebDAV.
Can WebDAV be used with fillable PDF forms ?

What approach can I take with WebDAV addon to allow users to fill out forms and store the data entered ?

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Hi, @robert.gilbert

The WebDAV add-on relies on a separate desktop applications in which documents are opened, edited and saved via WebDAV protocol. I am not sure if there are desktop PDF readers that support editing remote PDF documents via WebDAV. Could you please tell a little bit more about your case? What desktop application are you planning to use for filling PDFs?


I was wondering if a desktop software such as Adobe Acrobar Pro could edit PDF via WebDAV.
My question was to see if anyone knows of a software that could edit PDF fillable forms via WebDAV that are created by Adobe Acrobat Pro.