Can we have a loop in Cuba BPM


We are trying to model a scenario in which there will be back and forth instances between 2 groups. Thereby have multiple instances of the same task happening repeatedly before they can either approve or reject.
I believe the terminology for this scenario in multi-instance loops. Even if a looping is possible then that should solve the purpose.
Let me know if this can be modelled in the BPM Addon of cuba.


Could you please explain your task in more details, maybe with an example?

Hi Max,

For eg. we have a case ,
There is a parent item say P1, which has child items linked to it R1,R2,R3. And 4 Roles are working -> Initiator,Reviewer,Executor, Approver.

Interaction will be as follows:-

Initiator will send the Request to Reviewer for P1 ,Reviewer will further send it to Executor.
with queries on sub items [R1,R2,R3]… so all the sub items should be processed as a group.
These interaction can be back and forth (between Reviewer and Executor) until queries for all sub-items under P1 are resolved.
Once all the queries for P1 are resolved, Reviewer will send the item to Approver for final approval.


You may try going with subprocess.

Screenshot 2020-11-30 at 22.29.57

In this example a list of sub_items is stored in the process variable called “sub_items”. The number of subprocesses will be equal to the number of sub_items. Each subprocess will have a current sub item in the “sub_item” process variable. See the Multi-instance documentation.

Another option is to define a separate process for subitem approval. In this case you’ll need to use the Call activity with mutil-instance type “parallel”.

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Thanks Max, will go through and try it out.