Can´t access polymer module on 6.10


Studio 6.10 seems to create polymer client module but I can’t access the Client.
On creating the module the url that shows on studio is http://localhost:8080/app-front/ even if my modulesPrefix is defferent than ‘app’.
http://localhost:8080/${modulePrefix}-front/ thoesn’t work either.

What to do?

I’ve created an issue about the problem with the not-changed link to frontend module, you can see it here.
But unfortunately, we cannot reproduce the problem about unavailability http://localhost:8080/{modulePrefix}-front/ link. We will be able to help you if you send us a small sample project along with reproduction scenario that demonstrates the issue.

Hi Myatlev

At first I thought it would work on a new project but it does not.
I can send you any sample.
I have some warnings on assembling:
Haven´t done any npm install, what is this?


Node/npm is used to build front-end client (see more about tooling: Build System and Project Structure - CUBA Platform. Developer’s Manual) and is handled by gradle.