Can not compile projet using YARG dependency

Hi all, since some days I facing some issue for my project, I can not compile my project after add report add-on and use the YARG to build the report.
See attached the Java source (the medthod print()) file and compiler log for error
But when use hot deploy this working
gradle compile log error.txt (8,5 Ko) (5,8 Ko)

Thank you

Please provide build.gradle file

Thank for your response please check the build.gradle
build.gradle (6,1 Ko)

Now fix by remove the report add-on and add dependencies for YARG manually in configure of global module in build.gradle:

compile group: ‘com.haulmont.yarg’, name: ‘yarg-api’, version: ‘2.1.6’
compile group: ‘com.haulmont.yarg’, name: ‘yarg’, version: ‘2.1.6’

please check if this one is the good way