Can not access front module when deploy war file for application with react module

Hi all
I am using Cuba framework to develop application: My application contains core,global,web and front module using react. I have a problem when I deploy war file to tomcat server. If I build uberjar, I can access both web module and front module. But I can not access front module if I build war file and deploy to tomcat server.
Do you know what I need to do or notice when I deploy whole applicaiton contains front module to tomcat server?
For example: If I run local, I can access localhost:8080/myApp and localhost:8080/myApp-front. When I deploy war file to tomcat server, I only can access host/myApp and not possible for host/myApp-front. I saw in tomcat servermanager, it contains only application myApp in the list of application, I guess it could be a reason.
Many thanks in advance


Creating a single WAR file
If the application project contains the front module, it becomes accessible at /<appName>/front path. In order for the frontend interface to work correctly in the single WAR, you should change the environment variable PUBLIC_URL= /app/front/ during build (for example, in the .env.production.local

It’s mentioned here:

It works so because when you are deploying one WAR file (“app.war”) then context path of any content inside of this WAR becomes starting with “/app/”.