Can I make payment through Paypal

I want to purchase premium add-ons. Can I make payment through Paypal service ?

Hello, Manoj,
Yes you can pay via PayPal.
Just proceed with your purchase and choose PayPal tab at the “Payment method” step, as on the pic in the attached file.


I cant see the paypal tab at the payment method screen ? How can I pay through paypal ?

Hello, Manoj,
This screen is actually provided by our payment provider, 2checkout. I can guess that they may have country restrictions . In what country are you trying to make a payment?

I am in India… What will do ?

Can you make a screenshot of your Payment Method screen please?

Pls see the attached screen.


Seems like PayPal payments are only posible in the following currencies: USD, CAD, AUD, GBP, or EUR. While PayPal supports additional currencies through its own payment system, the PayPal-2CO integration is limited to the five aforementioned currencies.
Can you try using one of these currencies?

Shall I get any discount to purchase cuba studio. I had seen some discount option previously.

Hello Manoj,
We had promo period running till end of May, but it is over unfortunately. At the moment you can only get volume discount if you buy 5+ licenses.