Can existing instances adapt changes of process definitions?

Hello supprt,
when a process definition changes, I think the already existing process intances keep the old definition. Is this right? Do you have a proposal about how to implement a functionality that gives all existing instances the new process definition?

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Hi, Markus!
If you changed the process model, clicked the deploy button and choose to update an existing process definition all existing process instances will automatically get the new process definition. This will not work only if one of the currently active activities of the old process instance doesn’t exist in the new process definition, e.g. the active task of some process instance is ‘Approval’ and the ‘Approval’ task was removed from the new process definition.

Hi Max,

thank you for your reply! Do you know what happens in case one of the currently active activities do no longer exist in the new process definition? Are those instances left as they are?

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In this case, if you try to deploy the modified model you’ll get an Activiti exception. No process instances will be changed and the process definition will stay in its previous state.