Hi everybody,

I did the tutorial with “mechanic”.
When I try to run application, I get this error:
Windows cannot find ‘call_and_exit.bat’. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again.

Does anybody have an idea, why it happen? Or how to solve it?

Kind regards

Hi Alex,

It seems your Tomcat server has not been initialized. What platform version do you use? How do you run the application?
Try to delete the build/tomcat folder and then call Run->Deploy in Studio. After that call Run->Start application server.

Thanks a lot. I found this:

When I click “run - start server application”, I will miss some files, when I click deploy and then start application server, all files are available.

Kind regards

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Possibly, you use an old version of the platform. We recommend you to migrate to the latest version. The tutorial will also be updated soon.

No, I use the newest platform, I download it some days ago, 6.7.3 and Studio 6.7